All services include a free initial consultation, were we discuss all of your requirements and we learn more about your pet/s. If you are happy, all the relevent paperwork can be filled in and dates/ time agreed. Every effort is made to maintain your pet/s happiness and well being.

Dog Walking

Dogs need to be walked on a regular basis, usually twice a day, depending on age, health  etc. Not only does it keep the dog fit and healthy, it stimulates the mind and keeps them mentally alert too. Dogs also prefer not to relieve themselves at home.

Owning a dog is a big commitment and, as the saying goes “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” But sometimes, due to illness, work commitments, hospitalisation or other unforeseen circumstances,  it may become difficult to care for your dog during the daytime,

Chesterfield Dog Walking will, at your request, visit your home, take your dog/s out for a walk, stimulate their mind, and clean up any mess created. Then will bring your dog/s  back to your home, safe, content and happy.

Our dog walking service is tailored to your requirements. We will, at your request, refresh your dogs water on our return, give your dog a treat, wipe his/her paws or anything else your dog requires or you request.


30 minute walk:- £6.50

1 hour walk:-     £10.00

Additional dog:-  £1.00


Home visits