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Press Release.  2011

Walking back to happiness

Chesterfield Dog Walking is the new business launched by local man David Brough to overcome an injury and provide his income when getting a job seemed impossible.  He was supported by the Work for Yourself programme funded by Chesterfield Borough Council.

After 30 years as a qualified joiner, a slipped disc in 2010 meant that David could no longer manage the heavy lifting and bending.  “I was warned that, if I carried on, I would need a spinal operation.  I had applied for lots of jobs but got nowhere – there were too many others looking for work,” said David.  “I have always loved animals and have trained my own Border collies.  Setting up my dog walking business fulfils my ambition to work with animals – and it’s good for me as the exercise helps my back.  I did some walking for someone else to learn the business and have been volunteering for a local animal sanctuary.”

David is delighted to combine his passion with work: “Now I just love it and not a day goes by when I don’t look forward to work.  The dogs themselves are hugely entertaining and there’s a great sense of friendship with other walkers.  I’m an outdoor-person and love being outside.”  If you have a long-term health condition or disability and want more information about how self-employment can work for you, contact Margaret Mitchell on 0845 459 2547 or 01252 721239 or e-mail or visit

Explaining that dog-walking is not as easy as it looks, David explained: “You have to be aware all the time of what’s going on – whether it’s the traffic, other dogs or other risks.  I’m naturally enthusiastic and understanding about dogs, but have spent a lot of time learning about their psychology so that I gain their trust while controlling them.  I’m careful not to reinforce any of their negative behaviours.”

David is already branching out to offer a comprehensive service to his clients and said, “I provide home visits: if the owner is out at work or away, I take the dog out and give it a break from being locked up, top up the water and food bowls. Holiday pet-sitting is also popular when I stay in clients’ homes: it’s cheaper than using kennels and less stressful for the dogs to remain in their own familiar environment.  My other passion is photography - so my next plan is to offer pet photos.”

Contact David on 07966 395624 or by email at: