Home visits

All services include a free initial consultation, were we discuss all of your requirements and we learn more about your pet/s. If you are happy, all the relevant paperwork can be filled in and dates/ time agreed. Every effort is made to maintain your pet/s happiness and well being at all times.

Home visits are becoming more and more popular, as they allow your pet/s to stay in the comfort of their own home, thus reducing stress and anxiety. It is also very cost effective compared to boarding kennels (please see examples below)

Each visit is for a 30 minute or a 1 hour period,  and is great for the less active dog not requiring a walk, although this can be included if required. The service includes
release into garden for toileting, company etc.. any number of dogs / pets, ideal for puppies too. If required, we will feed other pets too, including fish, rabbits etc.

More and more people are keeping Chickens these days, but finding it difficult when planing to take a holiday. We offer a service where we feed your chickens, give them fresh water, clean up and generally check the well being of your chickens and the pen/coupe and surrounding grounds.

We will also (if needed) turn lights on at night time, draw curtains. Then in the morning, open curtains, turn lights off.

Like all of our services, the Home Visit is tailored to you and your pets requirements, and can be longer if needed.


30 minute    £8.00  Monday to Saturday (£12 on Sunday and bank Hollidays) 

1 hour         £12.00
  Monday to Friday    (£16 on Sunday
and Bank Hollidays)

Additional dog:-  £2.00

Please note, should you wish to book with us, we do require a deposit at the time of the consultation, and the balance payable before the start date or our service. If paying by cheque, please allow an extra week for cheques to clear prior to the start date. Full payment can be made at the consultation if preferred.

We offer 10% discount for Derbyshire Gold Card Holders.